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The Computer & Network support policy is as follows:
1. Standard Service
Standard Service is for those day‑to‑day problems that do not require immediate attention
Call our voice mail and leave a detailed message. We check voice mail several times a day and will return your call within 24 hours. Often the problem can be resolved quickly over the phone.
If not, we can schedule a site visit as soon as possible.
Standard phone support and on‑site service is billed at $110/hour.
2. Priority Service
Priority Service is for those problems that just can't wait! 
Call the cell number and we will answer or respond as soon as possible.   Once again, the problem may be resolved over the phone. If not, we will arrange for a site visit immediately, usually within an hour or two. 
Priority support calls and site visits are billed at $140/hour
    To use the pager:                                                                                                                            
         1. Dial 443-929-6156 and wait for an answer; 
         2. If we can't answer, the phone logs your number and you will get a callback;
         3. You may optionally leave a voice message.  
3. Non Business Hour (weekend, holiday and off‑hour)
Non Business Hour service calls are both Priority Service and scheduled site visits that must be done on off‑hours. Business hours are defined as M‑F 9:00am to 5:00pm. This type of service may include upgrading a server, running cables or any other work that you request to be done while your business is closed. For example, a file server upgrade may require the server to be off‑line for hours. Shutting down the server on a business day would shut down the office; therefore a Non Business Hour service call may be requested.
Non Business Hour service is billed at $170/hour.
4. Email Support Service
Email Service is for those general non-technical questions that do not require immediate attention. You can send an email and leave a detailed message. We check email daily and will reply within 24 hours. Often the question can be answered in the reply. If not, we will call your site as soon as possible.   Our email address is:
Email Support Service is provided at no cost to active clients.
    Important phone numbers are as follows:
    Priority Service Cell:                (443) 929-6156
     Voice Mail:                              (410) 549‑5242
     FAX:                                         (410) 549‑5684
     WEB Site: